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Zachloe Lifestyle on Coventry Street, South Melbourne proudly source and supply products from local artists and designers and many of their indoor and outdoor items are individually crafted pieces.

Their beautiful homewares boutique is full of unique furniture and accessories that feature all of this years current interior trends.  If you’re looking for the latest styles in interior decor or simply shopping for a lovely little gift for a friend you’ll find what you’re looking for.

I’m particularly in love with their range of delicate handmade ceramics!  Here are a few of the gorgeous homewares I had the pleasure of photographing for them recently.  Enjoy…

Above:  The mix of metallics and wood feel warm and inviting this Winter ~ Hand made fabric pouches from Miss Pots made in Melbourne.
Below:  Fine hand formed porcelain vessels in a mix of soft muted colours from Ivory House (I seriously need more of these in my home).Above & below right: ‘Hardware Lane’ elegantly etched matte glazed latte cups, inspired by Melbourne’s cafe culture and vintage cut glass, from Robert GordonAbove:  ‘Paper Series’ by Hayden Youlley Design
Below: ‘Tessellate’ geometric modular shapes by Hayden Youlley Design  ~   Colourful matte glazed latte cups from Robert GordonAbove & Below:  Moe occasional chair in Wool Felt Slate, inspired by mid century design.  Luxurious and super comfy, yes I road tested it…Below left:  ‘Inartisan’ Reindeer hide from Finland, a by-product of breeding sustainable herds of reindeer. The reindeer are farmed to provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools for the local inhabitants, with the hide being the final by-product, making the entire process an eco-friendly and sustainable practice.Above centre:  Soft alpaca scarves from St Albans Luxury Textiles
Below: Hunter Lab, arming the modern hunter with super natural skincare tools, made in Melbourne.  Oh and they’re simply gorgeous for guys and gals skin (hubby and I are both using them and loving them).Below:  Marble solid forms handmade in Melbourne by Marble BasicsAbove:  Abstract oils on Italian linen, original pieces by Catherine Hiller.  Catherine’s work concentrates on powerful emotional moments in time.
Below right:  Clair Bremner art inspired by nature, with unexpected, vivid splashes of color and botanical motifs.Above:  Globe West statement chairs combined with cushions & throws create a comfortable environment in the home with a mix of textures.Above right:  Bold, colourful, statement pieces from Kirsten Jackson that make people feel happy.

Loads more inspirational pics on their Insta @ zachloe_lifestyle

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